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There are many different reasons for deciding to launch a website, but the end goal will basically always be the same. Visitors should be impressed upon first sight, feel like they want to stay and feel comfortable doing so once they test different links.

If your site tests the patience of visitors at any time, chances are they will be leaving without seeing all it has to offer. Early exits from your site defeat the purpose. In fact, it may force you to decide on the viability of certain key features of your site.

This trap can be avoided if you design your site well from the start. Remember, it is much easier to upgrade a well-constructed site than to start over from scratch. Follow these five tips to get web design right the first time.

1. Make navigation easy.

This rule tops the list because it can never be overstated. Websites which feature tedious paths to follow are not popular. A website doesn’t have to wow a visitor from the get-go, but it should allow visitors to see all it has to offer with minimal fuss.

One tip is to keep links to a minimum on the home page. Drop-down menus offer the developer many options, as do duplicated links of site highlights. There is no point in hiding the jewels.

2. Construct a clean layout.

Like a postcard, the home page of your website is ideally a perfect marriage of ideas and pictures. Websites can repel visitors when one or the other is lacking. Layouts which have plenty of open space are welcoming and tend to invite longer visits.

Also, remember that certain fonts can come out distorted on different operating systems, so find a style that will translate.

3. Different screen resolutions don’t pose a threat.

Certain websites will naturally have long pages of content, whether it’s a news-based site, a blog or any other text-heavy portal.

Remember that screen resolutions are different and that your site should be able to stretch in order to keep scrolling to a minimum.

4. Pages load without any significant delays.

Flashy graphics can be thrilling for visitors to see, but if you see a “page loading” sign for over 30 seconds, the thrill most certainly will be gone. Try to manage these graphics wisely.

Also, don’t let your site become bogged down with unused codes and other clutter which will cause visitors to get bored and leave.

5. The future is written into the plan.

Since the materials you have used will definitely changing in the coming years – as will the internet itself – web design must include a glance into the crystal ball.

Scale your codes so they hopefully need fewer changes in the coming time period. A review of the recent past will be helpful

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